About Whippets
The breed whippet originated at the end of the 19th century though a crossbreeding of greyhounds and terriers. Whippets are dogs born for racing; over short distances, they can reach the speed of up to 60km per hour.

Whippets look similar to greyhounds, which are better known and much bigger than whippets. Whippets are elegant, intelligent, affectionate, kind-hearted, obedient and truly loving of their master. We distinguish between whippets specialized for exhibitions (bred for beauty) and for racing (bred for speed, as well as beauty).

A whippet is a man?s devoted friend and is usually very calm, patient, quiet and not disruptive at home, especially if not left alone for long periods of time. As mentioned above, whippets are very sensitive animals, which is why they should never be trained in a strict manner. Incorrect handling could damage these sensitive animals, both psychologically and physically. Before acquiring a whippet, it is good to read some literature about the breed, although information about whippets is unfortunately still difficult to come by in the Czech Republic. For that reason, we recommend contacting a breeder, who will be happy to provide you with any necessary advice and information.

The short-haired whippet is very sensitive to cold and that is why it can not live outside the house all year long. It loves warmth and soft places.


Height at withers:    female - max. 48 cm, male - max. 51 cm
Weight:    female - 7-12 kg, male - 9-14 kg
Hair:    Without odor, short, absolutely maintenance-free
The colour of hair is different:    Brindled, sandy, black, white, white with plates of different colour, blue
Life expectancy:    12-15 years
Temperament:    Since whippets have a very good sight and are also hunters, they may be aggressive with small rodents, such as mice, but they can live together with parrots, cats and other pets.
Body composition:    Whippet?s muscles are very clear, nice and long, which appear very elegant. The ears are short and folded, the head is narrow and extended to a soft, long muffle. Deep chest, long limbs, long tail coming down to the ground, giving an overall impression of an aerodynamic shape.

If you enjoy adrenalin sports, excitement and the taste of victory, and have the time to devote to the dogs, then this dog is the right one for you.